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Our Mission

“To realize a society where humankind and nature are in harmony”

Since the Industrial Revolution, humankind has relied on fossil fuels to pursue technological development.

However, fossil fuels are one of the leading causes of climate change, and their use threatens our entire planet.

Under the guidelines of SDGs, new ways to use and produce electricity have been adopted in many countries, but renewable energy alone cannot meet the present-day demand.

What humankind needs right now is for everyone to understand how much energy per day is produced, and find a way to share it.

That is where we come to the rescue. Our mission is to democratize electricity and solve social problems to realize a society where humankind and nature are in harmony.

Our portfolio

Naturenics is developing the world's first Next-Generation Ultra-Fast Charging Station and Electric Motorcycle

You can charge our motorcycle by simply connecting the adapter from the Ultra-Fast Charging Station to the vehicle in the same way as you would with conventional cars, without having to switch your battery.

It only takes 3 minutes to fully charge!

By using our products, you can avoid long charging times, environmental issues related to the overuse of Li-ion batteries, and the heavy price of replacements. We use the Ultra-Fast Charging Station Technology, which amplifies the output power allowing you to charge our bike by using your domestic power supply. Our Electric Motorcycle can be introduced without worries related to specific installation procedures or investments. In fact, we are now expanding our market to Thailand, were the demand for environmentally-friendly motorcycles is increasing, but we aim to reach many more people in the future.

Our Technology

We have succeeded in developing a battery that has a long lifespan and can be recharged ultra-fast by using a different battery instead of the conventional Li-ion module. In this way, we can help reduce battery waste while allowing Ultra-Fast Charging!

That is why our batteries have a longer lifespan and can be fast-charged in just 3 minutes.

Our Battery

Charging Time:
3 minutes

Life Cycle (SOH<60%):
100,000 cycles

Operating Temperature:
-30° to 60°

Conventional Battery

Charging Time:
15 minutes

Life Cycle (SOH<60%):
10,000 cycles

Operating Temperature:
-10° to 45°

Our Company

Company name

Established date


Business activities


Naturenics Inc.

May 25, 2015

60,000,000 yen

R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electrical equipment

Center of Garage Room 04, 2nd Floor, Yokogawa Warehouse, 1-16-3 Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0003 Japan

Our Team

Kanazawa Yasuki, Representative Director and CEO

Kanazawa Yasuki founded Naturenics Inc. in 2015 while studying for a post-doctoral program at Shimane University.

Afterward, he entered a doctoral program at Nagoya University, where he continued pursuing his research on battery-related projects in close collaboration with the university.

He showed the fruits of the company’s technology at various events even outside the academic world, receiving high praise for his research.

(Okayama Business Plan Contest’s ORIC Award, ICC Kyoto 2021, JR East Japan Award, Sompo Japan Award, etc.)

Daidoji Toshiyuki, CFO

After graduating from the Graduate School of Law and Faculty of Law at Kyoto University,  Daidoji Toshiyuki worked as a lawyer at Baker & Mackenzie, one of the world’s largest law firms, focusing on M&A, funding, and overseas expansion of businesses.

Subsequently, he played a role in the investment and post-investment value creation in Japan’s largest private equity fund.

Afterward, he engaged in corporate management as a legal and financial adviser, business adviser, CFO, and director of various funds, start-ups, etc.

He finally joined Naturenics Inc. in 2022.


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